Commercial Renewal/Transfer



When your commercial mortgage is subjected for renewal, you should not hesitate to take the time for securing for yourself and your business a better commercial mortgage product. Resourceful Capital Financial Corporation has instant access to a large group of commercial lenders and would scout out on their products the one that will be very suitable for your needs.


In using our efficient and secure application online, you would be putting Resourceful Capital Financial Corporation to the task involving procuring the product which progresses upon the conditions of commercial mortgage you recently have finishing its term. It is absolutely an occasion wherein the saying “it pays to look around” is true.


Best Commercial Deals, Quick Decisions and Online Quotes

We are the company that can really help you about your needs. Resourceful Capital Financial Corporation specializes in all forms of commercial mortgage lending. We have instant access to all of the major as well as specialist lenders and we work in partnership with brokers across Canada. Through that way, we will be able to give the greatest deal for all forms of commercial finance. We are also providing instant online quotes whether for information purposes or for complete online mortgage applications.


Discover the Basics in Commercial Mortgage

A commercial mortgage is just a mortgage in which a person or any company can buy a commercial property. They can do so whether for personal use or to offer it for lease to another person or company. With this form of commercial loan, the mortgage provider keeps a legal claim through the property until the time when the loan was already paid back.


Commercial mortgages from Resourceful Capital Financial Corporation could be obtained in order to facilitate purchasing of a large selection of business properties that include:


  1. Land for improvement
  2. Hotels, guest houses, pubs as well as breakfast and bed establishments
  3. Restaurants & fast food branches
  4. Holiday industry properties
  5. General industries properties that include the factory units and warehouses
  6. Retail units
  7. Office accommodation
  8. Commercial purchase to lease


Apart from that, you must also know that a commercial mortgage is also used for the improvement or otherwise, refinancing an existing business. Take a look in these examples:


  1. Refurbishment or expansion of a business property
  2. Purchasing a partner’s share of a commercial property
  3. Recent tenant buying the freehold of a commercial property
  4. Consolidation of current loans at an affordable interest rate


How Much Could Be Borrowed by Using a Commercial Mortgage?

The cost that financial institutions are usually prepared to lend as a commercial mortgage relies on various factors that include the following:


  1. The property’s value
  2. Size of deposit that will be contributed by a mortgage applicant
  3. Greatest LTV or loan to value ration that a lender would authorize for the kind of property


Most of the lenders would provide a maximum LTV of approximately 75% of the property’s value when a commercial mortgage offer has been made. On the other hand, Resourceful Capital Financial Corporation is able to provide as much as 90% of LTV yet the lending policies by various mortgage providers will be radically different. For instance, some lenders would provide a mortgage of over 50% of the property’s value for the purchase of the holiday caravan park. In this case, the purchase of a lucrative commercial mortgage of as much as 85% LTV can be available when they are capable of providing extra collateral yet the interest rate charged may be higher as compared to a typical commercial mortgage.


Be Ready with Your Mortgage Renewal Ahead of Time

The process of changing lenders usually could take around 90 days to complete in the best way. With this, you must give yourself enough time in finding the optimal product for your renewal. That is one of the most important things you should do for now. Aside from that, you must also bear in mind that failure to secure the greatest rates on your business mortgage renewal will lead to negative consequences. You may likely pay thousands of dollars for the interest rates through the course of the following multi-year term.


Begin the process of your mortgage renewal not later than 4 to 6 months prior the expiration period of your recent term. The notification of expiration from your present commercial mortgage provider might come in this particular time frame or it may be even closer to the date of your mortgage renewal. Hence, you really need to be sure to remain cognizant of when you’re halfway over the previous year of your term. Use your option to shop for the best terms and the most competitive pricings available for your commercial mortgage now.


Do Not Let Banks Catch You

When a mortgage term ends, most of those large banks in Canada send a notification of mortgage renewal through mail which is the usual option and this will take 2 to 2 months before the expiration. During this period, the banks would prefer to take advantage of their hectic schedules through making it simple to sign on with them to get another term.


On the other hand, they are not taking the time to go over your recent financials so as to find out whether shortening your paying off may be advantageous for you. The most horrible part is that the banks try to offer their posted rate with little to no discount on these simple to sign renewal forms. Almost 3 Canadian quarters sign the renewal with no knowing what can be offered by the competition. We at Resourceful Capital Financial Corporation are here to provide you free resources and expertise so that you can make the most out of today’s mortgage market that is so competitive.


Why Should You Choose Resourceful Capital Financial Corporation?

The huge difference when using Resourceful Capital Financial Corporation is our service. We do not stop at the application. But, we will be assisting you in terms of collection all the required information that a lender requires. Our federal group of brokers could also help you in finding and picking the correct legal representation, home inspector, residential appraiser as well as mortgage insurance needed.


Here at Resourceful Capital Financial Corporation, you can always be sure that all your needs will be catered at the most efficient way. We take pride to say that we have the best and most efficient solutions to all of your mortgage-associated concerns and issues. As compared to huge banks, we are working harder and we always give our very best to earn your business and also, to keep you from coming back. When you have any questions regarding your upcoming mortgage renewal, please do not hesitate to ask us through filing the provided mortgage renewal application.


Resourceful Capital Financial Corporation comes with access to more than 48 lending institutions to help you in finding the best possible mortgage that will certainly fit your requirements. We are not working with one institution or bank but we are completely an independent firm coming with a special mission and that is finding you the most favorable mortgage rate for you in Canada.


Resourceful Capital Financial Corporation could help with all of your commercial financial requirements. What are you still waiting for? You may call us now at 1-888-882-0786 for more details.