Venture Capital



Sometimes, continuing with a business project demands venture capital financing. In the economic climate today, locating an appropriate source of venture capital financing could become elusive.


Resourceful Capital Financial Corporation has spent a couple of years establishing relationships with institutional and private investors through creating a proven track record with them. That is why irrespective of the tough economy, we have been trusted by the whole investment community in finding valuable opportunities as well as guiding these companies towards success.


Venture capital is a crucial aspect for every business, especially if they are working on a new business project and do not have enough budget to sustain their needs. Venture capital is the provided financial capital to high potential, early stage, developing startup companies. The fund for venture capital gains money through owning equity within the companies in which it invested in. This normally has a business model or novel technology within high technology industries, including IT and biotechnology. The normal investment on venture capital takes place after a round of seed funding being the initial round of institutional capital for funding development, which is also known as Series A round. This is performed with the interest of producing a return via the eventual realization affair like a company’s trade sale or an IPO. Venture capital is a form of private equity.


Applying for a venture capital from an investor can be very difficult, especially if you do not know how to show the best of what you got. If you are looking to apply for a venture capital, the following are some of the things that investors choose to see within your company prior to writing a check.


  • Seasoning – Investors are looking for older, more experienced entrepreneurs who have been there and have done that. The period of investing in a 19 year old kid, who is a tech genius is not gone necessarily, yet such kid better had be able to locate a seasoned, older executive in order to participate in their team.


  • Customers – Instead of focusing on the revenue amount or the team, investors seemed to have a new focus on the consumer. They figure out the things that motivate them to purchase your product or service. They determine the problems that the service or product solves and what makes it better compared to other alternatives. Investors also identify if it is worth the price, compels to inform others of your experience and if customers become interested in investing in your company.


  • Team – This factor is still a crucial part of the investment equation, yet the entrepreneur is simply crucial. The following are the factors that investors are searching for in both.


    • Passion – The entrepreneur should display a catching excitement regarding their company’s vision.


    • Tenacity – You should prove that you have the willpower and stamina in order to remain with your vision no matter what.


    • Commitment – You should be ready to invest enough of your own money into the project in order to persuade investors that you are serious.


    • Flexibility – An entrepreneur like you should be ready to refocus and reevaluate your plans when things do not work out just as expected.


    • Teamwork – Your team should prove that it could effectively work together.


    • KnowledgeMost investors choose to back teams which are truly aware of their market and have the mixed background, which is impressive and rich within the niche for which your business is engaged.


    • Coachability You and your team should be coachable. No specific team knows all things they should know to become successful.


  • Opportunity – Investors require huge ideas. The ones that could bring the world transition, ideas that change behaviors, ways of thinking or culture and ideas that could establish a $100-million size company. Anything less could be very speculative. The perils of investing in one company are really high, while the possibility of rewards is so small – in that case investors cannot afford to gamble on chances that will not guarantee to have high payoffs. Moreover, one of the most significant problems when dealing with opportunity is the earliness of the investment. Investing within a big opportunity 5 years prior to the market recognizing and embracing it is an extremely frustrating thing. You will not just lose the investment, but you will need to undergo extreme frustration watching someone else produce lots of money on the foundation that you helped establish.


  • Business Model – Would the numbers work out? In simple words, when a person gets a sharp pen and begins tracing where each revenue dollar originates and then challenges each expense seriously, would you be provided with:
    1. A repeatable model?
    2. A profitable model?
    3. A predictable model?
    4. An expandable model?
    5. A defensible model?


A lot of entrepreneurs normally fail since they are not aware of how to execute such form of exercise with a view of the “real world”. Therefore, it is really important that when you are looking for some investment, you will view each and every possibility that might arise.


With these factors searching in your and your company, you will find it hard to spot the right investor willing to invest into your project. Hence, if you do not want to go through all those hassles, considering the availability of Resourceful Capital Financial Corporation should be a great idea.


If you no longer want to waste much of your time locating the right investor, Resourceful Capital Financial Corporation can be the best option you have in town. At Resourceful Capital Financial Corporation, we have also created an established coaching methodology, due diligence framework, along with an up to date capital complementing mechanism. Our company is backed by professionals who are always ready to help you when you are in need.


Our personnel at Resourceful Capital Financial Corporation are always here to make sure that investee companies earn mentoring and capital efficiently and promptly become the leaders in the market and locate their exponential exits in both private and public domains. We, at Resourceful Capital Financial Corporation, are not just well associated with business experts and local investors who could aid investee companies in achieving their goals. In addition to this, we have the network of global affiliates who could aid your business within global expansion.


Whether your company is in expansionary or startup stage, international or local, we love to hear from you. All of us in Resourceful Capital Financial Corporation are here to give you peace of mind through effectively dealing with your financial requirements, guiding you to become successful and opening doors for significant financial exits.


We strongly believe that the job of an entrepreneur is to operate daily operations, allowing his operation to materialize. That is why he should not waste much of his important time looking for investors in his project. A good investor like us should help you lead the way to success!


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