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Worried About the Future of Mortgage Rates?-Six Trends to Watch


If the mortgage renewal is already coming up in the next few years, but is still not that close enough to get a rate, then this is not the best time for financial plans. In general, the majority of lenders offer a decent rate for about four-month rate hold. In the event that the existing team is about to expire in the next five or six months, then it could be that the situation is not the right thing to be in.


It is better to analyze the situation and break the usual term for a couple of months. There is a need to pay for the penalty. However, the higher saving can cover up the pain acquired from the penalty.


  • Bond Yields

One of the six trends to watch is the bond yields. The safest investment is the bond market. This is the safest place among investors where they are interested in mortgages, as another type of investments. They are being supported and securitized by the assets.


  • Inflation

A particular economy must achieve growth to cover up the inflation and interest. When the interest and growth are at their lowest, inflation can be a less serious threat.


  • Regulation

The authorities like CMHC or OSFI may provide significant changes in the mortgage market. By changing the qualifying factors, down payment and amortization period, the course of the mortgage market is also changing. These changes can bring their negative or positive impact on the mortgage rates.


  • Canadian Economy

The economy of Canada also has its direct relation to the financial situation of Canadians. As they kept on doing well, then they pay more attention to the small increase in rates. In order for this to happen, the number of employed people must be improved.


  • Global Market

The global market has its direct impact on the bond yields. If there are political or financial problems in the other areas, then investors are moving their funds to safer places. The yields and mortgage rates are being dropped.


  • Housing

Mortgage lending only exists due to the demand in housing. If this tumbles, then everything may experience an impact.

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