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Walk Score – What it Means and its Importance in Real Estate


Have you ever wondered what walks core means the first time you encountered the term on advertisements and listing sheets? You are not alone in that since there are certainly other people who wonder about what it means as well. This term has been used for a while now. However, not everyone truly understands what it means even with the popularity it is now gaining among tenants, investors and home buyers.


Generally, the term walk score is often used when determining a certain area or home’s overall appeal. You might have even heard your agent talk about it at one time, but what does it truly mean?


What Walk Score Means

The simplest definition of walk score is that it serves as the rating of an address, city or neighborhood’s walk-ability. The rating of walk-ability is determined with the use of specific criteria. In short, walk score is the measurement of how you easily you accomplished your daily tasks on foot. Since not all areas and cities are the same, it is only expected that there are places with better walk-ability than others.


As mentioned, there are certain factors or criteria that are used in determining an address or area’s walk score. Some of these factors are:

  • Walking access to recreation, parks and other places where people often play and meet
  • Availability of regular public transportation
  • Walking access to city centers where shopping malls, entertainment and restaurants are present
  • The walking distance from the property to workplaces and schools
  • Sufficiency when it comes to sustaining all businesses within a local population
  • Present infrastructure, including paved streets as well as walkways for bicyclists, public transit and pedestrians
  • Affordable housing which is close to businesses


Understanding the Numbers

Walk score is a rate that starts from zero to one hundred. One thing you need to keep in mind about this term is that an area is more walk-able if its rating is higher. Walk scores that are between 50 and 69 are considered walk-able for certain errands. Walk scores from 70 to 100 are considered very walk-able. This means all errands can be completed even without the use of a vehicle.


Is Walk Score Important?

The importance of a walk score can be determined depending on what you are after on your purchase. For instance, a certain address’s walk score is important if you are after a property that is only walking distance to most amenities in the area. In such cases, you might want to search a property that has a walk score close to 100. When you prefer to live in a rural area and you do not consider walking distance as that important, then you can settle with a lower walk score.


Walk Score is Not Just Numbers. They Have Certain Benefits as well!

There are certain benefits you can enjoy if the walk score of the area where your property is located is high. You can certainly benefit from it even if you do not need it to be that high. Among these benefits include getting more opportunity to stay fit and active and less vehicles to encounter. You can also save more on commuting when going to your workplace. More importantly, you get more green space to enjoy and spend your time in! You can enjoy all these by investigating and knowing a specific address’ walk score.

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