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Toronto named most expensive City in Canada


According to the survey conducted by Mercer’s 2011 Cost of Living Survey, Toronto is considered as the most expensive city to live in the greater of Canada especially when it comes to expatriates. Globally, Chad, N’Djamena, Tokyo, Angola and Luanda ranked supreme. According to the report of Mercer’s, there are 214 cities across five continents weighing various factors in the locations to easily create their list such as entertainment, household goods, clothing, food, transportation and housing. This is one of the reasons why Toronto placing atop the country’s list however ranked 59th worldwide.


On the other hand, Vancouver was recognized as the second most expensive city in Canada and ranked 65th globally. It was followed by Montreal which ranked 79th as the most expensive city in the world. Furthermore, Ottawa and Calgary also appeared on the list at 96 and 114 respectively. The report of Mercer’s claims that Toronto’s relatively rental accommodation costs placed it ahead of the city of Vancouver in the rankings. Moreover, the company relayed that the ultimate strength of the Canadian dollar has pushed many cities higher on the list.


In addition to the ultimate strength of Canadian dollar, the country of Toronto continued their low interest rates for home loans and at the same time they successfully generated additional real estate interest among their potential homebuyers. If the real estate market of Canada continues to prosper, most of their cities will have a great chance to jump even higher on the next list. For those people who are in search for the ideal place to live in, you don’t need to look any further since the city of Toronto is the superb place to consider. If you and your family are planning to get a home loan, you don’t need to worry since the city of Toronto will offer you with low interest rates that you will definitely love.


In the present year, more and more people are searching for the best place to live and the city of Toronto is the ultimate answer to your problem. The low interest rates for home loans in Toronto serve as their gateway and key to attract more people to visit their country and at the same time live there. In the present time, more and more individuals decided to visit the city of Toronto to experience their affordable and low interest rates for home loans. Tourists and vacationer who are planning to visit the place will never be disappointed with the awesome tourist destinations within the place.


If you want to escape from the hectic and stressful schedule of your work, Toronto is the best place to visit and explore. If you completely decided to live in the city of Toronto, you are assured that you will never go wrong in choosing the place since Toronto will allow you to experience an enjoyable and breathtaking travel experience that you will never forget for the rest of your life. For those individuals who are looking for ultimate fun and adventure, the city of Toronto is the elite place to visit.

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