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The Active Housing Market of Canada Displays Slowing Indications

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The housing market of Canada has emerged from its profound freeze later this year. Thanks to the practically unending winter, it leads to a hive of confined buying and selling during April and May, which is now greatly over. This report is basically given by the Canadian Real Estate Board.


Their warnings about Monday of the “transient” summer on sales supports the perception of realtors as well within the GTA market. This perception is the apparent slowdown within the frantic bidding games that greatly defined the spring market of this year, as purchasing clients take the rest and selling clients begin to feel a bit less smug.


Today, realtors are viewing more buyers who take a “survival of the fittest” method to the expensive home market of Toronto. In this method, buyers are just staying away from numerous bid situations or refraining from completely seeing properties unless they have been on a market for over one week and a deadline for deals has passed.


According to a professional realtor, today, it has become common to observe more sellers who are listing their properties, accepting offers while not getting any, and then have their properties relisted at a higher price. Some normally feel disappointed thinking that they are missing something. It is probably a great idea that the market becomes more balanced.


The slowdown in June is fairly seasonal and is completely expected, provided that May has been the busiest for sales and listings. Usually, serious sellers prepare their properties for sale in between January and February in order to get them prepared for the peak spring market. Typically, July and August are quiet months. The slowdown progress observed in June might seem a bit more drastic, given that May was on its fast pace. In addition, while the games of bidding have certainly somewhat eased, they are still taking place.

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