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Realtors Top the List for Wage Increases


The Statistics Canada showed its most recent survey of earnings and payroll hours. This survey revealed that the real estate agents figured out the greatest gains when it comes to income in the previous year. Two weeks ago, Statistics Canada stated the economy of the country had generated more than 74, 000 net new occupations in the previous month. It knocks down the rate of unemployment to the lowest level in almost 6 years.


In September, the unemployment rate dropped into 0.2 percent points to 6.8 percent. This has been the lowest rate since December 2008. The economists expected that the economy will create more than 20, 000 jobs for the month of September. The rate of unemployment will remain at 7 percent as stated in Thomson Reuters.


The most recent labor-market data of Statistics Canada had discovered more than 69, 000 new jobs for full time work. The report also stated that some of these jobs have been created in Ontario, Labrador, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Newfoundland. Other provinces revealed only minimal changes.


New Brunswick has been the ultimate province that showed an increase in unemployment rate last month from 0.9 percent points up to 9.6 percent. In addition, Ontario had included most occupations with more than 24, 000 new positions which dropped the rate of unemployment down by 3/10 of the percent point to 7.1 percent.


The report also stated that there are more individuals who have been employed in accommodation and food services, construction, insurance, leasing and real estate, finance, health care, natural resources and social assistance. However, the agency said that the economy had lost occupations in the previous month in the area of educational services.


On the other hand, the report revealed that young Canadians, ages 15 to 24 years old, are holding about 43, 000 more jobs in September. However, the unemployment rate for youth has increased by only 0.1 percentage points up to 13.5 percent. It is due to the reason that there are many young people who have been looking for work.


Statistics Canada stated that it was on May 2013 when the economy had added a huge number of occupations. It was able to create more than 89, 000 positions and most of them are full time jobs. A survey from the Bank of Canada had been released. It indicated that the Canadian firms, especially the exporters, got a positive outlook. This has been brought by the “modestly firmer demand” amid which increased businesses with the neighbors to the south. There are also some individuals who indicated the strong US demand got a potential impact on the sales, according to the autumn Business Outlook Survey.


The report even suggested that businesses from different parts of the country, including all sectors, have been expected to employ more people in the succeeding year. It also found out that about 54 percent of the companies had expected a higher employment level in the coming year than the past twelve months. The study had also discovered that businesses aim to improve their investments on equipment and machinery over the coming year.

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