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Real Estate Investors Based in Canada One of the Most Active Worldwide

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Based from a recently made study performed by JLL or Jones Lang LaSalle, an international brokerage company, it was seen that the real estate investors within Canada are one of the most active across the world. Good news as it is seen, the study has been supported by several facts that can totally say that the investors within the Canada area are among the actively investing individuals can be found.


Having worldwide scope in the study conducted, there is a total of 25% of direct investments in the real estate field annually that is equivalent to a total of $ 37 billion worth of real estate deals. The rank of Canada in the most active investors is included on the top spots following some of the reputable names in the industry. It may seem impossible for some to believe but figures and thorough study would not lie, especially when proofs are present.


The main reason why Canada was chose active buyers was due to its richness for commodities. With this in mind, it is well-anticipated that Canada will remain active within the real estate industry for more years. There were certain references that have supported the claim and shows that Canada has the ability of being a part of the complex yet successful field of real estate.


Most of the investors in the industry were focused on commercial mortgages and this is considered as the main reason for the upswing in the country. All it takes is some time in checking all of the aspects in the field and anyone can say that the country is showing great potential when it comes to field of real estate. There are just many reasons why Canada is considered as one of the top countries counted with the most active investors in real estate.


One of the main reasons why Canada is one of the countries that have been showing great potential is because of its richness in commodities. Aside from this, the country is also known for the increase in the growth of emerging markets. The fact that the Canada has these attributes, there is definitely no reason for other people to doubt why the country has been included in the list of the countries having the most number of investors in the real estate industry.


Other countries that are included in the list of the cities having active real estate investors were Singapore, Seoul, Hong Kong, Tokyo and more. In the top 10 list, it was given that no Canadian city has been included. However, knowing that Canada belong to the list is an impressive achievement as being compared to different cities and countries would be a tough competition especially when it comes to this specific field.


It is true that there are many countries that Canada may have competed with to get into the list but knowing that Canada has its own edge over other cities and countries is enough to prove the country’s activeness in the industry.

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