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Pre – Approvals for Mortgage

Pre-Approval File

If ever that you have already saved your payment and if you are looking to buy another for next three months it is already time for getting re-approved. It is a must for you to get pre-approved even when you have not met yet the Realtor and before looking at homes. It is important for you to set realistic expectations for the terms and the affordability.


If ever that you are going to be pre- approved for mortgage loan, you are going to go on the process for mortgage. Lender reviews income, source of down payment, assets and liabilities or inspects the credit report you have in determining your credit worthiness.  There are also ways on how you are going to maintain your good credit rating for the pre –payment process and have a good rating for credit rating:


  1. Pay all utility bills always on time and make sure it is full every month.
  2. If ever that you have never borrowed before, then talk to your bank about the process of applying for credit card or for an RRSP. It is for you to build up your on credit.


Making good own credit will always be very helpful in making a pre – payment and get the benefits it has to give. Most Canadians are having this kind of setting for having a good home and secure financing that will surely give them the reason to have a safe and secured home. These can even be good when it comes to the aspect of financing.


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