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Misconceptions about Renewal Numbers: Don’t Be Tricked with It

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Today is the season for mortgage agents and brokers to renew their license in Ontario. Renewal of license is part of mortgage’s rules and regulations.  Mortgage agents and brokers in Ontario and other parts of Canada must comply on this matter to avoid certain liabilities. By means of having renewed your license, more lenders will feel more safe and secured to transact with your since you are a fully licensed mortgage agent or broker.


No doubt that this season is a busy season for more mortgage agents and brokers in Ontario. There are many people who are looking for efficient and reliable mortgage agent or broker. More home buyers are gearing up to move to their new homes during early summer and spring. It is one main reason why most mortgage brokers are busy nowadays. Since most of mortgage brokers are busy, they tend to forget their license renewal.


Based from the 2012, mortgage agents and brokers showed same urge to accomplish license renewal. Luckily, if you are looking for renewal numbers available on March 2012 then it is highly recommended that you visit the website of FSCO.  By means of visiting the site, you will know all important details that you need to accomplish when it comes on renewing your license. When it comes on renewing your mortgage license, you must be aware that there is no major change in the number of renewing your mortgage license. You do not need to worry about sudden changes because as of today’s listings, there is no changes in the number of license renewal.


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