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Making Property Your Priority

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Buying your own space for the very first time for a single woman can be both intimidating and liberating. Thankfully, growing incomes, changing lifestyles and changing thought patterns and perspectives have made buying properties for women a conceivable task. There was a time when dual income was considered necessary to buy something as important and big as a property. However, as more and more young women in their 20’s are becoming determined to extend the time span of their independent lives, the property market is witnessing a huge surge in the number of women buyers. Condos in Canada especially have become a hot favorite among this growing segment of buyers due to their affordability.


Confirm the recent results of the RBC homeownership poll which state that “We’re seeing more single women entering into the housing market”. Lesley Metcalfe, one of the single women who bought herself a home at the age of just 29, has revamped her space to her taste and is sharing her experience through her blog ‘House Before Spouse’.


The Challenges that Scare

Lesley saw as many as 20 houses before deciding on THE ONE. She also confirms that fears related to job security and having to make all the decisions on one’s own can get scary sometimes and make one want to give up altogether.


Lesley is not alone. Most single women looking to buying their own space confirm that the destination may be no less than a heaven but the path is tricky and full of hurdles. With so many choices out there and every mouth uttering different advice, making the decision can get hard. Also, saving up all the money to make that down payment itself can get overwhelming at times.


Getting To Your Own Home Faster!

The first and the biggest challenge is always saving money for the down payment. Now, this may be tough but once this hurdle is crossed, the path gets much easier. Saving up money means having to cut down on spontaneous splurges and getting out of debt faster. For some time, you may have to sacrifice a few outings with friends and restrict the urge to buy that sexy dress, but as you’ll see your bank account getting healthier, you’ll only feel more encouraged and determined. It is also important that you pay off all your debts and try to get debt free faster because the less you owe to others, the more you own for yourself.


Once you have the necessary amount saved up, the challenge is to find that perfect house. It is important that you look for the right agent first and this is where friends and family can be of most assistance. Get referrals of agents whose services have already been availed by the people you know, meet them one by one over a cup of coffee and then decide who seems perfect for helping you find the home of your dreams. Also, when looking at the prospective properties, don’t just get put off by what the property looks like currently but try to look for what it can be transformed into. Keep your patience and calmness intact and things will work out for the best!

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