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Knowing Your Credit Score


To have a range of 300 up to 900, the credit score of yours may receive the perceived risk from lending in the moment of time. Your personal score will allow your lenders know the kind of risk that you will likely experience as borrower. Your credit score may change monthly. The company that hold your loan and credit accounts will report monthly negotiations in the credit bureaus. This is an advantage for you since it will give improvement in your score having behavior for right credits.


Struggles for a 620 Below Credit Score


  • You may experience difficulty in qualifying for a certain mortgage.
  • You may pay premium in terms of the borrower rate you have.


Benefits for a 750 Above Credit Score

  • This kind of credit score shows that the person is responsible and reliable for debt.
  • Lenders will render a fast approval for the best rate possible.


Determining Your Credit Score

  1. Kinds of the Availability of Credit- Be able to identify the healthy blend of your credits.
  2. Length of Time in Your Credit History- You will have low risk indicator if you have good credit standing
  3. Pursuing for New Credit- Opening many credit accounts within a short period of time will be an indicator of risk
  4. Present Level of Your Indebtedness- This considers if you are overextended with your credit cards or not. This will determine how well you responsible handle your credits.
  5. Previous History of Payment


Knowing your credit score will give an overview of what you will experience or risks taking in applying for a loan. This will also identify what kind of borrower you are.


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