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Investment Properties – The Benefits

Are you wondering why many of the Canadians are encouraged to purchase investment properties? That is because they are able to recognize the different benefits of investment properties. Some of the reasons why they are purchasing this are as follows:


  • Pension Plan – You can have your pension plan that will benefit you in the future. In the long run, having several real estate holdings and investment property holdings is truly a great source for you to save for your future.


  • Returns of Investments – Real estate for residential is typically a solid investment that is quickly appreciating compared to inflation.


  • Best Alternative for Student Residence – Most of the Canadians are letting their kids study at the college and university that is far from their home. Providing home for their kids is considered as investment property that is precisely purchased for good purpose.


  • Early Access to First Home – If you are a first time buyer, triplex or duplex are truly a great way for attain home ownership. The rental income coming from extra units may offset the mortgage cost.


Investment Properties only requires minimum down payment that is not higher than 20% for every insured lender. 20% down payment or less will incur for greater interest rate for the uninsured lender. If you have properties that are more than four, you have to allocate your mortgages to different lenders in order to avoid hitting the utmost number of the mortgages for every investor in which lender have approved. If you also want to attain such benefits, getting investment properties is very ideal.

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