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Importance of Flood Insurance

Housing Crisis

Are you in Canada and planning to have your own Condo? You are always entitled for checking and securing yourself from flooding issues. There are also some warnings that come from high insurance association which says that Condo owners are sometimes under uninsured. It is usually the homeowners who are not covered by homeowner’s insurance.


Flooding is actually one of the common issues that are being talked about especially for the damages that it may do after the situation happened. This actually gives damages for those homes that can lead up to billions into the insurance industry yearly. That will surely increase premiums that as in turn outs off some of the owners in buying cover


For those homes that are not registered or unregistered, the cost can run into thousands of dollars. Those lenders are being required to have their own flood insurance especially for federally related assistance for financial acquisition or to the construction of buildings for those places in high risk flood areas. Flood amount of the insurance is always required by the Flood Disaster Protection Act.


Whenever the property is not in high risk area, but if it is in a moderate low risk area federal law does not require any flood insurance. But then a lender can still require it. Actually, there flood claims that have occurred into some of the moderate and low risk areas.


You must always not that the maps of your home when during the life of the loan is still active, it can be revised and the property can already be on the high risk area, your lender can already notify that you should purchase a flood insurance.

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