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Homebuyers Desires

Posted on 7th Oct 2014 by Mark Stern
homebuyers desire

The Canadian homebuyers have their own personal standards in buying home properties. There are certain essential factors to consider and some of them are cleanliness and energy efficiency. According to the Home Critics Survey which was published by the realtors Century 21, these two factors are the main considerations for homebuyers in Canada.


The survey also revealed that about 40 percent of these Canadian homebuyers look after a property that will fit their lifestyle changes. The space is also another important aspect that should be considered and in general, homeowners are concerned about this aspect.


Utility bills cost homeowners even more once they sell their properties. This has been also stated by Century 21 Canadian Home Critics Survey. According to the Century 21 Canada’s National Director of Operations, Todd Shyiak, buying homes can be quite emotional process. Thus, understanding the part in which buyers are putting great value is the key to the success of the sellers. He added that location remains an essential factor to homebuyers today. However, the sheer information volume has become more aware of the way home features affect their lifestyle.


The following details below show how Canadians judge their home property prospect:

  • Most buyers want to renovate their homes for looks, not to repair. About 13 percent of Canadian homebuyers consider renovating rooms as the main deterrent of home purchasing. Thirty percent of them will neglect the offer once they notice a minor issue such as water damage, although electrical facilities or outdated plumbing’s costly issue (29 percent) has been considered.
  • Homebuyers are known to be clean freaks. If the house got old flooring, see to it that it will be spotless. Sixty percent of Canadian homebuyers are not attracted to unclean areas. On the other hand, bold paint colors (18 percent) or dated flooring (40 percent) got less impact.
  • For millennial buyers, size matters. For boomers, they got bigger concerns. Millenials have been considering the house face value, which includes room count and square footage. On the other hand, boomers focus more on lifestyle factors, like the layout and location.
  • For boomers, the internal features of the house count. Boomer homebuyers are usually turned off by the cosmetic features of a home like dated flooring. They prefer a home that has energy efficiency upgrade and they get rid of outdated electrical facilities or plumbing.


Shyiak also stated that knowing the buyer means a big different between obtaining the best home price or missing great opportunities. In-depth knowledge of the unique needs of the community distinguished the service of agents and the success of their clients.


The Century 21 Canadian Home Critics Survey is committed to getting into the mindsets of the home buyers to help sellers and consumers made an informed decision for their respective needs. Canada’s homebuyers are keen when it comes to understanding the special features of the home they wish to purchase. They ensure that their standards are met and they will receive benefits more than what they expect.

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