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Home Ownership now made Affordable

home ownership affordable

When talk about home ownership, the perception always include the price. Many thinks that owning a house is truly expensive and you have to save a lot just own a home. Homeownership is a kind of housing tenure wherein the owner-occupier, home owner or owner-occupant owns that home through which they stay and live. Home can either be apartment, house or a condominium. If you are in Canada, homeownership is now made affordable for the people’s convenience. Owning home is no longer a problem in Canada because you can now purchase it at lower rates.


Although property prices are continuously rising in different areas, rise in their income also occurs. Likewise, as rising on property prices and income rises, interest rates remained low and utility bills are cut. Based on the report of banks, it shows that the re-sales have continued to rise in the month of October with Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto driving the increase elsewhere re-sales are slight lower and flat. At the mortgage industry, the RBC said that reduction on fixed rates occurred earlier in this year that is added to this confidence.


Homeownership in Canada is now made affordable. You can own a home without spending too much since the rates is now lowered. Renting a house is no longer needed since the price is very reachable. You will consume more than the price of home if you are going to rent and pay certain amount every month. With homeownership, you have the right to do things in your house because you own it legally unlike if you are going to rent.

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