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Don’t Renew Your Mortgage – Save Thousands!

Renewal mortgage

A recent Manulife Financial survey revealed an alarming statistic – over 2/3′s of homeowners do not compare mortgages and mortgage rates at renewal. This is a mistake that costs homeowners thousands of dollars in interest and hidden fees.


Why do people choose to pay higher interest costs?

  •  “I’ve always dealt with my current bank” – Why be loyal to a bank that maximizes profits for their shareholders at your expense? Often they are giving new clients better rates, so where does your loyalty come into effect? Their “special rate” at renewal, is often not so special.


  • I don’t have the time” – If I told you 30 minutes of your attention and time could make you $5,000 to $10,000, would you make the time? Mortgages and Finance may not be your thing; however that’s what the banks rely on. The less time you want to spend, the more you will be taken advantage of. Let us spend the time for you, and validate the “special offer” they have given you.


  •  “I don’t want to pay fees to switch to a new bank” – Did you know most banks cover the fees related to switching to the new lender? Therefore the interest savings by switching goes directly into your pocket. What do you have to lose?


The most important thing you can do at renewal is ensure the mortgage product is flexible enough for your current and future situation, and that the rate is the best in the market. At Resourceful Capital Financial Corporation, we’ll do both of those on your behalf.


So, the question is, do you have 30 minutes? Call 1-888-882-0786 and let us evaluate and beat your renewal offer.

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