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Commercial Property Taxes Still High Compared to Residential


Before opting to purchase your own property you need to always first determine the great difference of commercial property taxes and the residential property taxes. This will be greatly dependent upon your investment plans, financial means, and expectations in order to get hold of the best and the most profitable property that suits your needs. Most of the people as of today are sparing time to invest with residential properties since they think that it is a safer type of endeavor that requires less money without knowing that commercial properties are highly profitable. This is the reason why commercial property taxes are considered to be high compared to residential ones.


There are still other reasons why commercial property taxes are high when compared to residential ones. Knowing these things is very essential in order to determine which of the two types of property taxes will be providing you huge numbers of benefits. To give you an idea more about it, here are some of the things you need to know more about the property taxes associated in commercial properties that highlight its high percentage status in the market today and these are as follows:


  • Income

Commercial property taxes can generate huge amount of income up to 50 to 200 percent more when compared to residential property taxes. This is because; there are no rent control taxes in commercial properties. That is why; landlords need just to charge for their tenants as much as its market permits.


  • Leases

In general, commercial property taxes are regarded to be more favorable compared to residential taxes. Apart from the base rents, tenants need to pay the landlord for their commercial property taxes, maintenance expenses, and insurance. The leases for commercial property are known as the Triple net leases. This is the reason why commercial properties are always better maintained than residential properties thus making its visibility and accessibility high compared to residential taxes.


  • Better Tenants

Most of the time, tenants for commercial property taxes payers are stronger and much better that residential tenants. These tenants are less likely to dime and even nickel with you. They always guarantee profitable taxes and leases for their commercial assets and properties. This is very essential in order to keep you motivated in handling your properties and sustain its good condition. Majority of the residential tenants are good but not all of them are showing the same thing as with the commercial tenants. This is because; they immediately disappear upon their payment.


If you really wanted to work effective and smart, choose commercial properties over residential properties. This is because of its high visibility and accessibility in the market which drives people to make use of such type of property over the residential ones. This is very essential in order to assure that you can get hold of profitable and high taxes with the property you have chosen.  High commercial property taxes are a manifestation of progressive and high quality results which can provide you huge numbers of benefits. With commercial property taxes you are always given the assurance of immediate success and progress you’ve always wanted to acquire with the property you have.

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