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Many people who own investment property are looking to take advantage of the competitive commercial mortgage market with an eye toward capitalizing

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There are several considerations that you need to make if you decide to own a vacation property. There are a lot of good things that you may get upon

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People of Canada have experienced a great return for their residential investments in every decade. There some reasons why people of Canada has been

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Many home buyers believed that mortgage is the only path towards ownership however; recent surveys revealed that mortgage is also being used as

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When buying a condo unit, you may be astounded to discover that beyond your advance payment, you need to budget for extra payment every month which

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This year, the real estate industry that develops condo units sees the potential of growth and sales in downsizing and upsizing markets.  The two

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    In the past few years, the landscape of the mortgage lending has considerably changed and the qualifications for investment

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    Mortgage is not an easy investment to take, especially when it is about having condos in Toronto. In reality speaking, mortgage

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    The financial benefits of owning an investment property are having an additional source of income for each month, owning a

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    Selling an investment property is one of the most essential decisions that you should consider. Most people know that property is

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Posted on 4th Feb 2013 by Mark Stern

  Why not go for cash flow? Only for one main reason, it cannot give you the consideration in any future growth. It is also quite

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Posted on 3rd Nov 2012 by Mark Stern

    Selling any investment property is a decision that needs to be planned well before putting it into the market.  The decision of

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Financial security is one of the most important things that all people in this world should never hesitate to maintain in their daily lifestyle while

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