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Home buying

Every year hundreds of thousands begin to establish roots in Canada and get settled, it slowly starts to feel more like your home. While you make new

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Different people

Mortgage Broker     Who? A Mortgage Broker is a mortgage professional who provides you with a customized home financing plan

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Additional fees

Buying and selling pre-construction condos in Toronto is always associated with high commissions and different types of hidden fees that take a big

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Status certificate

When it comes to the financial security of a condo unit, you need to have a summary of everything that is associated to it. This is the reason why

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Looking for a cost-effective and affordable condo to buy? If you are living in Toronto, Canada, purchasing a condo unit can be considered as a big

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Posted on 7th Oct 2014 by Mark Stern
homebuyers desire

The Canadian homebuyers have their own personal standards in buying home properties. There are certain essential factors to consider and some of them

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kid buying

There are people who are wondering on when they can buy their own home. According to researches, as long as you are in a legal age and at the same

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Cottages are included in the list of best real estate properties to sell in the whole duration of summer season. These properties are usually made of

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Home purchase

House hunting is one of the most effective strategies that a person can perform while aiming to secure an excellent real estate property in the

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growing savings

When it comes to saving for down payments, there is a huge gap between those who are in their twenties and the seniors. It can be more daunting and

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first-time property buyer

“Where do first-time buyers get the money?” This is one of the most common questions that many people ask these days, considering the current

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Condo savings

Do you want to live in a modern home? If yes then why not consider getting a good condominium unit where you and your family can live in? As of now,

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If you’re self-employed, living in a rural area or you do not have a great credit, then you will also find it more difficult and daunting to get a

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With plenty of relevant information concerning on getting mortgages as well as the steps that one person needs to take when getting mortgages, it is

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Do you think rich people do not get a loan? If you think yes then you are wrong because there are also rich people who tend getting a home loan and

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