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Canadian Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty Passes at Age of 64: His Legacy will continue to Live


Canada has active and favorable economic and fiscal administration because of efficient administration of Canada’s Finance Department or Agency.  The whole Canada is mourning because of Canada’s minister of Finance death. Canada lost one of its efficient and well trusted officers. Jim Flaherty who served as Canada’s Minister of Finance for almost 7 years.  He started as Canada’s Minister of Finance in the year 2006. Fiscal administration of Canada was stunning because of Jim Flaherty’s administration and excellent fiscal administration.


His death gradually caused sadness to all people in Canada. He is definitely a great lose in the fiscal administration of Canada. Jim served during Canada’s great economic status and even tough times. His passion, dedication, hard work and expertise relatively make him as one of Canada’s efficient and trustworthy officers. His expertise and years of experience in fiscal administration led him to stay unharmed, calm and active on dealing difficult fiscal and economic situations worldwide. Even though different parts of the world are rumbling because of inflation, financial crisis and more, he remained calm and robust to solve such issues. His strength and expertise helped him to perform his job as Canada’s Minister of Finance. Along with all the employees of Canada’s Finance Department, they successfully overcome all financial crisis faced by the country.


Under Jim’s stewardship and leadership, mortgage landscape was built again in order to withstand and survive on any possible risks. No doubt that Canada lost one of its efficient and finest officers. However, Jim’s legacy, public service and excellent performance will remain alive.


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