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British Columbia Home Sales Stabilize

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One of the popular area of the world is British Columbia of Canada, due to its dazzling and gorgeous mountain scene, bustling and vibrant cities, diverse and strong culture and countless of available recreational activities like ski resorts and golf courses. The British Columbia’s real estate market had always been the booming business. But due to economies recent down town, the market of real estate in the area experienced brief cooling-off period. However today, Canadian Provinces is more beautiful and exciting since it already started making strong phase of recovery. There is a distinctive bounce-back in their consumer demand that made 2010 as their strongest years for residential sales. This aid to boost the consumers’ confidence and demand, along with its offered low interest mortgage rates, this played a vital role during the British Columbia recovery of the market.


The developers of the real estate does not mainly attracting retirees but their also attracting young innovative work force. There are various developers that responds to their consumers demands for private paradise area where people could enjoy beautiful scenery but still accessible to culturally and vibrant diverse of the city like Vancouver. Even if you are looking for new investment opportunity in real estate or private and cosy residential home, surely British Columbia could able to provide various options form the investors. Home buyers and investors are already recognizing this type of opportunities.


The British Columbia market of interior housing is also a dynamic consumer demand due to the current loan rate of mortgage and strong marketing conditions that boosting the home sales to the fullest. Vancouver has lately seen large jump during quarterly sales were in according to the figures by Canadian Real Estate Association; Vancouver is becoming the hottest spot market of real estate in Canada. Both Victoria and Vancouver was declared having near sales record.


Following the New Year’s turn, British Columbia home sales resume to its traditional trend. The BCREA stated that home sales of the province already jumped up to 7% in January if going to be compared to December. Buyers had taken the advantage of its low mortgage rate but sales were still 10% down from recent year even if the prices were increased up to 11.5%. The price was boosted by available homes short inventory. According to BCREA, the homes available for sale was below 3rd straight of the month were in almost 47,000 only.


Even if the demand of consumer continuously normalizing, the growth pace in residential sales still experience moderate coming due to upward pressure of the mortgage interest rate and tighter credit agreement which impacts the purchasing and affordability of the buyers and investors. It would help to have regional resurgence job market since this will mitigate the downward measure. According to the Statistics Canada data being release, it showed 9,000 jobs were in some country gain positions. If they will maintain the low interest mortgage rates, many experts recommend that it’s best to look for investment opportunities. Since the economy is slowly recovery, you can find lucrative investment.

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