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Condo Units Are More In-demand for Young Families and Retirees in Toronto


This year, the real estate industry that develops condo units sees the potential of growth and sales in downsizing and upsizing markets.  The two

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Common Options When Getting A Mortgage With Poor Credit

Poor Credit

- Living in today’s demanding world is never easy. You will be faced with a lot of challenges and problems that basically include your financial

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What to Consider when Choosing the Right Mortgage in Relation to Your Income Property

Income Mortgage

Presenting clients with properties that might suit their needs, taste and budget are not the only things that there are in real estate. Basically, it

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Most Common Questions Asked Concerning Mortgages

Concerning Mortgages

Your mortgage will be the largest expense you will make regardless of the size of the residential property you purchase. It is only natural for you

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What Does Housing Bubble Mean?


- If you are fond of listening to latest stories and reading news, you most probably have already heard about the term house bubble. However, hearing

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NEWS: Home Trust Offering 90% Mortgage Bundle (First and Second)


News: Home Trust has recently added a high ratio bundle product that is now allowing borrowers to finance up 90 percent of their home

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How Do Reducing House Prices Adversely Influence Mortgage Rates?


House prices seem like a never-ending elevator. It goes higher and higher each year. If it will luckily take a dip, it is very understandable that

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Want to Know the Price Trends in the City? Know About it here!

Price Trends

Real estate can be a finicky and strange industry. The price ups and downs which seem attached to certain cities and regions or even neighborhoods

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