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Factors Affecting your Mortgage Rate

Factors Mortgages

When talking about mortgage, it is impossible not to come across mortgage rate. Your mortgage rate is also referred to as interest rate in your home

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Commercial Mortgages-Does these Follow the Same Process as the Residential Mortgages

Commercial Mortgage

Commercial mortgage pertains to mortgage loan secured by commercial properties like office, shopping centers, apartment complex, industrial warehouse

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Effective Mortgage Renewal Strategies

Renew Mortgage

If you are able to secure a credit term and you gain benefit from it, normally, you live your life and allow it to slip to your unaware mentality

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The Basic Term VS Amortization


The difference between amortization period and mortgage term is regarded as one of the most popular sources of confusion for potential home-buyers at

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What do condo fees pay for?

fees 1

When buying a condo unit, you may be astounded to discover that beyond your advance payment, you need to budget for extra payment every month which

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Toronto Buyers Anticipate That Condo Prices Will Drop in the Latter Part of 2015

real estate prices

Predictions suggest that condo prices at the end of the quarter in 2015 will drop. With the modest economic growth in the real estate industry,

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Walk Score – What it Means and its Importance in Real Estate


Have you ever wondered what walks core means the first time you encountered the term on advertisements and listing sheets? You are not alone in that

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Get to Know What Home Warranty Insurance Is

Home-w insurance

In the modern society, home insurance is one of the SOPs in the method of purchasing a particular house that anyone would love to get. In the event

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Is Summer A Great Season To Buy a Home?

summer house

Given that the elusive summer is approaching, it is the perfect time that the discussion on the positive and negative sides purchasing a home for the

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Advantages of Choosing to Buy a Home than to Rent

buy or rent

Should you buy or rent a home? One of the typical questions that would come up to anyone’s mind whenever they are looking for a new place that they

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Why You Should Apply to Get Pre-Approved Mortgage?


Generally, more people tend to apply for get pre-mortgage approval in order to make the process of home buying easier to accomplish. When it comes on

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People’s Positive Outlook and Forecast for Home Buying

home buying

Based from the latest report of National Survey contracted by the Genworth Canada, most Canadian people are still confident when it comes in buying

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A Mortgage Broker VS Bank when Getting a Mortgage


Many people today believe that home buying is a great form of investment. There are now many people who prefer to have their own home rather than

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Things to Consider Before Refinancing a Home


- Mortgages have to be reexamined each year. There are some choices that can save you some amount of money, particularly when your existing mortgage

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Characteristics of a Good Home Inspector

home inspector

- Owning a home is one of the most common dreams of every individual. However, since it is one of the most expensive investments a person can ever

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