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New to Canada: Ultimate Home Buying Guide

Home buying

Every year hundreds of thousands begin to establish roots in Canada and get settled, it slowly starts to feel more like your home. While you make new

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What Services Do We Offer: Update 2015


  Residential mortgage If you have a good credit history, we will help to get mortgage with a lowest mortgage rate in the market. Such

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Canadian Real Estate Boards

board Real estate

  Here is a complete list of Real Estate Boards in Canada:   Alberta Alberta West REALTORS® Association

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Experts Do I Need in Purchasing a Property in Canada?

Different people

Mortgage Broker     Who? A Mortgage Broker is a mortgage professional who provides you with a customized home financing plan

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A common question a prospective client asks me is how are mortgage brokers get paid? Most people wonder this because they are still under the

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Additional Fees That Needs to Be Paid in Relation to Selling and Purchasing Processes of Pre-Construction Condos in Toronto

Additional fees

Buying and selling pre-construction condos in Toronto is always associated with high commissions and different types of hidden fees that take a big

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Fees That Purchasers of Pre-Construction Condos in Toronto Needs to Pay

codo fees purchaser

Purchasers of pre-construction condos in Toronto are obliged to pay for specific fees depending on the properties they are going to purchase. These

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Essential Fees That Sellers Needs to Pay for Pre-Construction Properties

Canadian fees

Before you pay for the pre-construction property that you are about to purchase in Toronto, you need to determine the fees you need to pay. This is

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A Comprehensive Glimpse with Pre-Construction Condos in Toronto

Pre-Construction Condos

For the past decades, people have been exposed to different issues with regards to pre-construction condos in Toronto and what would be the possible

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Tips on How to Buy a Condo

couple in  front of one-family house in modern residential area

Buying a condo in Toronto, Canada can be considered as one of the main concern you are going to undertake in your life. It is very essential that you

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The Importance of Status Certificate in Buying a Condo

Status certificate

When it comes to the financial security of a condo unit, you need to have a summary of everything that is associated to it. This is the reason why

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Reliable and Cost-Effective Condo


Looking for a cost-effective and affordable condo to buy? If you are living in Toronto, Canada, purchasing a condo unit can be considered as a big

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The Reasons of Paying Off Your Mortgage before Retirement

Couple Sitting in Chairs on Beach

- In the recent year, most homeowners believe that paying off their mortgage before retirement is the elite ways to do things. In addition to this,

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The Right Age to Buy a Home

kid buying

There are people who are wondering on when they can buy their own home. According to researches, as long as you are in a legal age and at the same

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The Proper Ways on How Kids Can Make their Own Money

Young girl with dollars

In the present time, most kids that range from 7-14 years old want the idea of making their own money. Some children are being taught by their

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