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Airdrie Defeated its Yearly Record for MSL Home Sales

Posted on 7th Oct 2014 by Mark Stern

Airdrie, a city form North Calgary in Canada has defeated its former yearly record for MSL home sales. Mike Fotiou, a realtor, said that, Airdrie

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Ways to Acquire the Best Mortgage

Posted on 6th Oct 2014 by Mark Stern
home buying

In case you have the plans of buying a house, you will probably need to acquire mortgage that can pay for this. Even though some buyers has the

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Consumer Confidence Falls on Economic Concerns

Posted on 6th Oct 2014 by Mark Stern
Economic concern

Last week, the sentiment of Canadian consumers dropped as optimism regarding the job security and economic outlook which was shown by a survey data.

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Housing Market Set for Autumn Boom

Posted on 6th Oct 2014 by Mark Stern
House in Autumn

The month of September was an excellent start to the fall (autumn) season for real estate and housing markets. There has been an annual increase for

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Realtors Top the List for Wage Increases


The Statistics Canada showed its most recent survey of earnings and payroll hours. This survey revealed that the real estate agents figured out the

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Confidence in Real estate and Jobs Are Higher

Real estate im

According to the Canadian Confidence Index of Bloomberg Nanos, the market in real estate has been increasing as well as the job security confidence.

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Condos and the Stock Market – Is There a Link?

Condo Misc

There is a stronger connection between the condo sales and the stock market. That was according to the former analyst of the Canada Mortgage and

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Commercial Property Taxes Still High Compared to Residential


Before opting to purchase your own property you need to always first determine the great difference of commercial property taxes and the residential

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Personal Finances and Houses Prices


There is a seen increase in the confidence of customers about house prices and finances. Aside from the increase of personal finances there is also

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Raise on Commercial Property Cost in Vancouver

Commercial property

Are you a businessman who wants to start your business in Metro Vancouver? If you are, then expect for the increase of the price that largely form in

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Condo: Unfolding the Oversupply Issue

Condo mortgage

The modern technology has done so many changes to people’s lives. One of which is living in a modern homes. Other than the common home that others

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Wooden Buildings: Hitting New Heights

wooden building

Over the years, individuals are used to seeing tall and concrete buildings with the latest architectural designs. These things seem to be impressive

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September – A Record-breaking Month for Calgary


According to the report conducted by the Calgary Real Estate Board, the resale housing market of Calgary is about to break the record for MLS sales

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Factors to Consider before Choosing Mortgage

factors 1

Obtaining mortgage is one of the most crucial and biggest decisions that you have to make. For this situation, it is very important that you consider

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Considering Factors for Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates 1

Having your own mortgage can surely be one of the biggest decisions that you will ever made. As for the result of getting result of your own

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