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Investment Properties – The Benefits


Are you wondering why many of the Canadians are encouraged to purchase investment properties? That is because they are able to recognize the

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LONGER Amortization and SHORTER Amortization

Longer shorter Amortization

Amortization period means the number of years you will need to pay off your mortgage. The maximum amortization period the Bank offers you for

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Ways to avoid prepayment charges

Posted on 6th Jan 2015 by Mark Stern
Aoid Pre payment Charge

Portability If you move to a new home, you can keep the same interest rate for the remainder of the current term for your new home. (Loan amount

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Ways to pay off your mortgage faster without having to pay a prepayment charge

Posted on 5th Jan 2015 by Mark Stern

Shorter Amortization period Choose the shortest amortization period with the largest payment you can afford. This will help you pay off your

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LONG-Term mortgages and SHORT-Term Mortgages

Posted on 5th Jan 2015 by Mark Stern
Long short term

Term is the period of time over which the interest rate, payment and other conditions are set, whereas Amortization Period is the number of years it

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OPEN and CLOSED Mortgages

Posted on 3rd Jan 2015 by Mark Stern
Saving For A House

You have two choices with mortgage type, either open mortgages or closed mortgages. The main difference between open and closed mortgages is the

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FIXED-rate Mortgages and VARIABLE-rate Mortgages

Posted on 3rd Jan 2015 by Mark Stern
mortgage fixed vs variable

When you apply for a mortgage, you have choices with either fixed or variable interest rates and the differences between Fixed and Variable rate

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MORTGAGE: Simple and Basics

Posted on 2nd Jan 2015 by Mark Stern

Every first-time home buyer needs advice. Purchasing your home is not as complicated as it may seem, but there are things you need to know about the

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Belief for Increase of Interest Rate on 2015

percentage sign

 There is always a question for the increase of interest rate not just in Canada but also in the other places in the whole world. Despite of that as

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Retirement Needs Big Savings


Is saving for your retirement a problem? Today, you can now save even though you are not earning. You can also save bigger though spending habits is

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What Can a Mortgage Broker Do For You?

Broker doing

Mortgage is only accessible to people who meet the requirements of its providers. Banks will give you the access to their products when the mortgage

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How to Improve Credit Scores?

Credit Score

If you own a mortgage, it is very important that you maintain healthy and good credit score. No lending company will grant you with another loan if

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Take time Researching in Buying in the South Border


Canada is considered as one of the biggest contributors of real estate buyers in United States. However, mortgage brokers and realtors of the South

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Improving Credit Score


It is a good thing to maintain a good score if ever you wish to acquire mortgage loans. You need to tell your lender about your credit history. It is

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How to Enhance Credit Score

enhance credit

It is not easy to have a bad credit because it can surely cause a great impact into one’s life. Delays in payments of bills dues and loans can be a

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