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An Increasing Number of Canadians are Deciding on Selling their Home without the Help of an Agent

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More Canadians are deciding on navigating the real estate or housing market without the help of agents. This is all because of the influx on prospective buyers led by lower mortgage rates.  Such behavior is also the same concern involved on the recent poll conducted by Kijiji. This tackles the Canadian’s attitude in making use of the option for Sale by Owner in selling their homes.


From the study, it was found out that 61% of Canadians prefer selling their own homes without the help of agents.  It is an option they would preferably use. The only is that not all homeowners possess that savvy-selling ability. This is essential in successfully ending up with a fair price for the home being put on sale. The report also showed that there are about 22% of home sellers were who successfully able to sell at least once on their own.


In truth, most of these sellers recognize the significance of pre-sale preparations. However, there are still many sellers who do not take all required steps to be prepared for staging their home. In fact, as what the survey showed, 86% of these sellers knows the importance of staging. However, 61% of sellers often fail in staging their home. Some forget that home renovation and decluttering are also necessities.


Janette Ewen who is a staging specialist mentioned that all these come down to money and time. This is the main advantage of having online resources to rely on such as Kijiji.  Sellers are able to save both money and time for their pre-sale home improvement needs. In the end, they are also provided with added benefits. These include having a place where stylish and unique items can be found and used in beatifying their homes. Hence, it also effectively increases the chance of selling their homes.


It’s precisely that a realtor bridges the gap and moves the idea into action. De-cluttering, staging, and minor renos help to sell a home. Taking the initiative helps the seller in doing the projects. Home enhancement projects are helpful in selling a property.


An average home buyer may be busy due to working commitments. When they look for a property, they want homes that no longer need updates or renovations. Television programming is considerably populated with such programs presenting sellers. They will learn how to get their homes in perfect condition for sale.


The sellers are also busy on the thing to do for the homes to be ready for sale. Realtors provide intrinsic support. Thus, consumers need to make sure that they only get the best.


For people involved, they can be lucky enough in the end. There are those who have the ability to handle FSBO while others don’t realize how much it takes in order for a property to be sold. They no longer need to spend money or time.  Canadians believe that their bottom line is affected by the inadequacy in the pre-sale preparation. In fact, 62% of Canadians do minimal maintenance for their homes.  Not all people feel that they get fair pricing because they did not pay attention to investing or de-cluttering during staging.

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