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Additional Fees That Needs to Be Paid in Relation to Selling and Purchasing Processes of Pre-Construction Condos in Toronto

Additional fees

Buying and selling pre-construction condos in Toronto is always associated with high commissions and different types of hidden fees that take a big surprise for both buyers and sellers.  Builder’s costs can comprise all types of fees in the property that includes the HST on all the appliances that can be found on the property, fixtures as well as the costs of utility connections in your property. It generally ranges in between 1% up to 3% depending on the property costs. These particular fees are usually due right after the registration process in order to assure that you are banked enough to cover the entire property. In this sense, you need to plan for a 3% purchase prices on the fees during the registration and be prepared to all other possible fees that might exist.

You are also obliged to pay for the commission on the agent you have sought assistance with. Buyers and sellers usually pay for the commissions primarily dictated by the developer which is usually ranging from 5% twice as high as the industry standard mount which is just about 2.5%. Always have in mind that when you are set to purchase or sell re-sale condos in Toronto, you don’t need to pay for high commissions on the agent since this will be just an additional expense to the buyer. You need to pay them suitable amount which completely compliments to the price of the property.


There are also other fees which you are obliged to pay for the property. These fees include the tax for the land transfer, moving and closing costs which are comparable fees across re-sale and new construction processes.  These fees are very essential for the legality of the process at the same time make sure that you can take a full ownership of the property when you opt to buy it and immediately sell it in a profitable way. Though, these fees do not usually exist in buying and selling processes of condos in Toronto, but still you need to be always prepared for the money you need to spend in order to prevent irregularities and malfunctions in the buying and selling process of the properties.


Important Things to Remember

Remember that f you are good seller or buyer, you can save huge amount of money on the property you are going to sell or buy. Most of the buyers and sellers who opt to sell and purchase pre-construction condos in Toronto who are not equipped with the right skills and knowledge in selling and purchasing properties are immediately consulting agents to assure that they will not be wasting their time and money. This is also one way of obtaining high percentage of assurance that hidden costs and other additional expenses which are not required to be paid will not exist.


This is the reason, why as early as now you need to be equipped with the proper skills and knowledge in selling and buying different types of pre-construction condos in Toronto. This is an essential way towards obtaining profitable and marketable results that you’ve always aimed for the property you wanted to have in Toronto.

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