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85% of Canadian Boomers prefer to stay in Canada Forever

BMO Retirement Institute conducted a study this year that was designed to determine the number of Canadian Boomers who are interested to move to a different country right after their retirement. Its main purpose is to check all reasons and factors that are affecting the interests of Canadian Boomers to stay permanently in the country for the rest of their lives. The results of the study showed that most of retired professional individuals in Canada prefer to stay in their native land forever instead of moving to foreign countries. Such reality simply shows that there are so many factors that Canadian Boomers should never ignore or disregard if one of their future plans is to start a new life in a foreign country right after their retirement.


The study that the BMO Retirement Institute has conducted in the country has great results that will truly satisfy the needs of those Canadian Boomers who want to be prepared for their future right after their retirement. Those Canadian Boomers who are want to move to a different nation one of these days should never miss to read all results that were provided in the final part of this study.


This is because the study showed that 85% of all Canadian Boomers in the country are no longer interested to move in other countries right after their retirement. Such individuals refer to those Canadian Boomers who feel more comfortable to stay in their native lands at all times. Some of the respondents that were chosen to contribute some useful information in the completion of the study claimed that one of their main reasons why relocation is not an ideal action to perform right after retirement is the fact that it can seriously affect the financial stability of those Canadian Boomers who belong in the group of average earners.


To relocate right after retirement will never be an ideal choice for those Canadian Boomers who don’t have huge amount of money in their bank accounts to use in all expenses and things that must be provided in an international move. Another factor that serves as one of the main reasons why most of Canadian boomers prefer to stay in the country for the rest of their lives is the negative effects of home-sickness that each of them might experience in foreign countries if their children, friends and other family members are not available to join them.


The remaining 15% of all respondents that were chosen for the study believe that it will be great to move to a different country right after their retirement since the weather condition in Canada is no longer consistent and safe as what it used to be before particularly in the whole duration of winter season. Extreme cold temperature is not good for the health of those Canadian Boomers who always prone or vulnerable to the negative effects of respiratory problems and other types of medical conditions that can be associated with the negative effects of cold temperature to a human body.

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