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2% Lower in Mortgage Rate Is Expected To Surface

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More and more industries today are continuously producing a significant place in today’s market. One of these industries indeed includes the ever-growing real estate industry. This has especially been observed in the Canadian real estate market where investors and buyers are very active. And now, another buzz is roaming around the wide market about the 2% expected reduction in mortgage rate surfacing.


The Canadian mortgage market was put on surprise when the Investors Group has provided the rate finely below the present standard of about 3%. This report is basically acquired from the CTV News. The monetary services company has posted the 36-month closed, variable rate mortgage on 1.99%. The rate is also fairly below the 2.99% level, which has drawn a sharp criticism given by the past finance minister who is known as Jim Flaherty on the initial trial of BMO on the modification. This is primarily because of his anxiousness about it having triggered the devastating housing bubble.


The vice president of mortgage and banking operations in Investors Group recognized as Peter Veselinovich mentioned that the company has decided to have the rate posted Monday as it had the “abundance of money available for certain terms” that is decided to offer out to potential and existing clients.


However, Veselinovich has highlighted that the rate is not actually meant to deliver people into unwanted monetary situations that they should not be in, or draw effect to the market. The focus is in fact on the overall monetary plan and that is the umbrella with which they do everything possible he added.


However, to be able to take advantage of the lowered rate, there is a certain condition linked to it. This is the fact you will be unable to break the mortgage until you market and sell the home for a 3-year period.

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